Lindhea is a strategy consultancy firm based in Uppsala that specializes in science-based startups. We work with researchers and inventors to develop their innovations into viable and successful business.


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We help our clients turn their vision into reality

At Lindhea, we passionately strive to help our clients turn their vision into reality. As a strategic partner, we can help with every step of the business-building process. Leveraging our long experience with startups, we can help you avoid pitfalls and be strategic about choice of business model and market entry. Our mission is to give you the best possible conditions to realize the potential of your innovation.




What we do

• Start-up strategy

• Market research

• Business plans

• Strategic partnerships

• Raising funds (grants, venture capital)

• Early-phase sales & marketing

• Business coaching / CEO mentoring

• Finding entrepreneurial co-founders

• Recruitment

• Board work

Award-winning strategy

“Lindhea devised a strategy and business plan that enabled our start-up to reach customers and investors in record time. And if you are looking for more than a consultant, for a trusted, qualified and reliable short-time team member, then Lindhea is the right place to look!”

Jacinto Sa

Founder of Peafowl Solar Power

“Lindhea really made a difference in the startup-phase of Disruptive Materials. They wrote 7 grant applications in the first year of which 6 were granted. This grant laid the foundation to a very successful initial growth phase for the company.”

Maria Strømme

Founder of Disruptive Materials


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Björn Lindh
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Cecilia Tilli
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Oscar P. Ridell


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Claudia Lindh
Veterinary Markets
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Klara-Maria Mach

Innovation for Public Sector

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Antonio Garzón-Vico
HR & Recruitment
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These projects are a selection of successful ventures Lindhea is active in. Lindhea is always looking for new, promising ideas to get on board with.

Disruptive Materials

Disruptive Materials is a spin-out from the Department of Nanotechnology at Uppsala University.

The goal of the company is to commercialize the revolutionary supermaterial Upsalite®, that already has got worldwide attention and thousands of customer requests. 

The record properties of this material open up a wide range of possible applications, ranging from drug delivery to dehumidification, OLED-screens, gas purification, dish-washers, energy saver in indoor climate systems and several more.

Disruptive Materials was founded in 2013.


Graphmatech is a spin-out from Uppsala University, founded in 2017. 

The goal of the company is to commercialize the revolutionary ionic nanocomposite Aros Graphene®, that solves the agglomeration issues of graphene and enables full-scale implementation of graphene properties. 

This new material open up a wide range of possible applications, ranging from thermal management in electronics to lubricant-free bearings and energy storage.


Since its foundation in 2010, Solelia Greentech has become the largest provider of solar chargers for electrical vehicles in Scandinavia, enabling drivers of electric vehicles to charge with 100% solar energy. Aside from clean energy, Solelia also provides complete solutions for charging with financing, personal branding and service. Customers are real estate companies, municipalities, shopping centers and business organizations, looking for truly non-polluting, locally produced energy to charge cars with.


Forsnetics was founded in 2015, as a spinoff from the hydropower group at Uppsala University. The company has invented a component, a magnetic thrust bearing, that reduces frictions in hydro-power generators by over 80%! The technology enables oil-free stations and increased reliability of operation. Forsnetics has won several prizes including Venture Cup and has gotten funding from the Swedish Energy Agency as well as the EU through KIC Innoenergy.


NanoForum is the annual Nordic conference on nanotechnology, advanced materials, and business opportunities in these fields. The conference brings together the key entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and policymakers in the Nordic Region.

Lindhea organized NanoForum 2017 in cooperation with SwedNanotech and the municipality of Uppsala. Speakers Lindhea could attract high-profile speakers like Maria Stromme, Molly Stevens, and James Tour.  


Peafowl Solar Power

Peafowl Solar Power is a spin-off from Uppsala university, Sweden, developing a new kind of groundbreaking plasmonic solar cell technology. The cells can be made highly transparent and in customized colors, fit for integration into plethora of devices and wearables without compromising aestetics. The company was founded in 2018.

Optima Planta

Optima Planta is developing technology for automated and optimized vertical farming based on aeroponics. Their technology enables highly efficient indoor farming that saves energy, labour and water and makes it possible to produce fresh vegetables all year round at any location. Optima Planta was founded in 2018.

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