Funding is always crucial to new business  – we help you identify and assess different financing opportunities.
These can for example be grants, loans, investments and early sales revenue or paid co-development projects. 

Grant applications

We help you identify grants to apply for and we can also assist with writing the grant applications. We always offer an initial discussion on relevant grants free of charge – don’t hesitate to reach out!

For many grants there are requirements for partners and/or co-funding, and we can help you to identify and approach potential partners and to assess co-funding options.

Investment preparation

As preparation for private investment, we can help you analyze your business case from an investor perspective and assess how strong the case is and what a reasonable valuation could be. We also help you identify factors and activities that can increase the valuation.
We also help you create or improve your pitch deck (investor presentation), coach you in how to present your case and prepare you for the kind of questions that investors are likely to ask.

Investment road show

When we think that you are ready for investors we use our network to identify and approach attractive investors that suit your case.

Valuation of innovations

In some cases the customer needs to value an innovation separately and not as part of the value of a company. This can be the case if the IP is to be sold to an external party.