We can design your market strategy and help you with press releases, press photography and website.

Market strategy

We help you to set up a media and market strategy with a strong focus on effective use of resources and goal-oriented activities. The methods will depend on the stage of your business and if the main goal is to attract customers, talent, investors or grants – often it is a combination of all of those.

In early stages the focus is often on creating news and editorial content, a credible web page, social media presence and professional material such as press photos and consistent graphics.

Press releases

We can help you to identify events that are likely to create news coverage and to find angles that suit different target groups. We write press releases and identify channels for release as well as specifically targeted media. When the release is to be coordinated with several parties we can do the coordination, and we also follow up and summarize the result to be used for improvement of future press releases.

Press photography

High-quality press photography is vital for both credible marketing material and webpage and successful press releases. A great image makes the likelihood of full page (or front page!) coverage a lot higher. We provide general press photography of people and products. We also have specific experience in press photography with a “sciency” feel in lab environments.


In a startup it is often vital to create a professional yet affordable webpage to build credibility at an early stage. We therefore offer to build a basic but satisfying webpage for you that you can then easily update and edit yourself. Apart from the architecture of the page we can also help you to create text content and images that suits your message and brand and help you with basic search engine optimization.