Breakthrough – New generation of conductive engineering plastics with Aros Graphene®

2019-04-01 | Graphmatech scientists achieved world record values for conductive engineering plastics which has at least 100 times lower resistivity than achieved before in filaments for 3D printing.

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Peafowl Solar Power in a project together with ChromoGenics

2019-01-29 | During 2019 Nasdaq-traded ChromoGenics will test powering their dynamic glass with high-transparency solar cells from our clientPeafowl Solar Power. 

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Bright Future for 3D-Printable Conductive Filaments

2018-11-26 | Vinnova has committed to the second stage of a Graphmatech project to develop 3D-printable nanocomposites for thermal management applications!

Targeting innovative start-ups, Vinnova decided to award the company a grant that amounts to 900 000 SEK. The basics of this project are that Aros Graphene provides an even distribution of graphene in a composite, and its inherent properties also render it possible to 3D-print such a material. This enables tailor-made designs of nanocomposites! Apart from enhancing the mechanical strength and electrical conductivity, graphene also has by far the best thermal conductivity of all known materials. These nanocomposites can therefore be utilized in thermal management applications, such as casings for electronics and energy storage units.

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