“A brilliant team with a flawed idea has a much greater chance than a flawed team with a brilliant idea”

Team evaluation

A strong, driven team that inspire and support each other with complementing qualities can overcome almost any challenge. While every startup is different, the thing they all have in common is unexpected challenges.

We can help you assess your existing team’s strengths and weaknesses and identify what you may need to complete your team to be ready to take on the world. Even when they cannot be immediately remedied, awareness of your weak spots is valuable insight and often highly appreciated by investors.

Recruitment of key team and board members

We can help you with the often time-consuming process of recruiting new team members, using our vast network and our experience in systematic recruitment methods. Together with the client we set up selection criteria and an interview processes that minimizes the risk of a biased process and lets you recruit the most competent and suitable person for the job.

A well-functioning board is a valuable asset for an early startup and we can also help you recruit competent, experienced and well-connected board members.

From hiring to firing

We can help you set up an HR strategy to fit the needs of your business and that enables a good working environment with loyal and motivated team members. We consider factors such as budget, risk management and protecting your valuable know-how and IP. With this in mind, we go through which resources are most crucial to keep in-house with permanent team members and which can be outsourced.

We can also help you prepare for potential difficulties and conflicts in the team to make sure that such situations are handled in an efficient and professional way that builds longterm trust within the team.