Our offer for early-stage startups include coaching, business plan creation and creation of an effective board.


In the early stages of your startup, coaching around priorities and methods is often valuable. We always offer a couple of free hours of coaching for new startup cases – do not hesitate to reach out to us!

All of our consultants have personal experience of entrepreneurship and we have a large network of connections and expertise. We also offer regular coaching sessions over a longer time to help you keep perspective and prioritize consciously as your business grows and the day-to-day work becomes more demanding.

Business plan

We can help you write a professional business plan or improve your existing plan. The purpose of a business plan is to synchronize the team around a common plan and common goals, structuring information and insights in order to better identify risks and opportunities and to use as presentation material for investors, partners, customers or employees.

A business plan can be tailored for different audiences but generally contains the following:

  • Market analysis
  • Product description
  • Customer value
  • Competition analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Team presentation
  • Description of historical and future activities and milestones
  • Summary of the current financial situation
  • Budget

The time required depends on the quantity and quality of material previously available as well on the format and scope that the customer requires.

Board work

A well-functioning board is a valuable asset for an early startup. We can help you recruit competent, experienced and well-connected board members and also to set a structure for the board work to ensure that it works efficiently and contributes to the progress and value of your business.